Banana Leaves as A Natural Food Packaging

Banana Leaves as A Natural Food Packaging
Banana Leaves as A Natural Food Packaging

The usage of banana leaves are often found in the traditional market for traditional food and cakes such as Arem-arem, Lontong, Lemper, Nagasari, Kopyor, etc. its also sometimes seen in your daily food stall and restaurant for take-home order. 

In modern food industry banana leaves are often used as alternative to modern synthetic packaging on daily food in Indonesia. However, there is a certain limitation to that statement as some Indonesian traditional food rely on its natural food packaging. 

Just like peanuts with its skin, some foods comes with its packaging and cannot be made without it. Ba Chang/Bakcang/Zongzi is a meat dumpling where the leaves are ‘treated’ or boiled before it is used for wrapping. The wrapping is so important that record said they had 57 documented leaves type just for it (Lin et all. 2019). 

The other food, like Ketupat and Lemang also need an obligatory packaging for both of them are made for Ied ceremony. 

Food packaging materials serve to extend the shelf life of food and protect it mechanically from chemical and biological contaminants. One of the safest food wrapping materials to use is natural ingredients such as leaves. 

The reasons leaves are a good natural packaging material is they have a positive impact on the environment and consumers because they do not contain harmful chemicals, can be found easily, can be formed easily and give a delicious aroma to food (Astuti, 2009). Natural packaging material sometimes proven to be cheaper. 

Study results are known from the research of Lestari et al. (2016) that the production cost of the Tempeh home industry in Purworejo Regency for plastic packaging is an average of IDR 1,298,080.00. Meanwhile, the production cost of the home industry for tempeh in banana leaf packaging is an average of Rp. 1,209,265.67. For a by-product that comes with banana production, banana leaves is an attractive alternatives for plastics that has a-0-cost. Banana leaves also eco-friendly and biodegradable and also easily be bend and twist to make a good stylist natural packaging. 


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