Dried Anchovy


Dried anchovies are a fish product that has undergone a drying process to remove most of their moisture, resulting in a crispy texture and distinctive flavor. Anchovies, which are small fish typically belonging to species like Stolephorus spp., Coilia spp., Setipinna spp., Lycothrissa spp., Thryssa spp., and Encrasicholina spp., are widely popular in various cuisines worldwide. Dried anchovies have gained increasing recognition for their exceptional quality as a healthy snack and delicious food ingredient. The drying process preserves the product's shelf life, allowing you to store it for an extended period without concerns about spoilage or flavor deterioration.


(HS Code: 03055921)

(HS Code: 03055921) Our dried anchovy product is the best choice for food enthusiasts seeking a distinctive savory flavor and abundant nutritional benefits. The anchovies we use come from the Encrasicholina spp. species, renowned for their superior quality. With sizes ranging from 3 to 5 cm and retaining their heads (no headless), our product maintains the authentic taste of anchovies. The low moisture level, between 4 to 7 percent, ensures the long-lasting freshness of our dried anchovies, allowing you to enjoy them anytime. We take pride in presenting premium-quality dried anchovies that are not only delicious but also offering undeniable health benefits. 

With our dried anchovy product, you can savor a healthy and delicious snack or use it as an ingredient in various dishes such as salads, noodles, or rice. The savory taste and crispy texture of our dried anchovies will satisfy your palate, while the health benefits provide exceptional added value. Experience the difference and enjoy the delectable flavors and nutrition packed into our high-quality dried anchovy product.