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PT Rezeki Alam Bali

PT Rezeki Alam Bali is a professional export company based in Bali, with a primary focus on trading and developing various commodities produced by the land of Indonesia, particularly Bali. Our main objective is to enhance the creativity and quality of products crafted by the local community, aiming to gain recognition, acceptance, and become a benchmark standard for customers worldwide. Based on these principles, our top priority is to fulfill the satisfaction and expectations of our customers, allowing us to continually grow and improve.


To prosper local farmers through abundant superior products, thereby establishing the company as an internationally recognized benchmark for standards


  1. The transformation of local farmers' mindset from traditional to modern based on agricultural outcomes
  2. Stimulating the creativity of local farmers to market high-value products
  3. Innovating to produce internationally standardized products
  4. Serving effectively, efficiently, and professionally to meet customer satisfaction and expectations
  5. Being trusted by all business partners worldwide


Rezeki Alam Bali was founded by two enterprising individuals who shared a common vision to embark on an export enterprise. Their mission is to uplift local farmers in Indonesia, particularly in Bali, by fostering a shift from traditional thinking to a modern mindset. Through this transformative approach, we aim to contribute to the progress and development of the Indonesian nation.


Prasetyo Founder PT Rezeki Alam Bali


REZA CO Founder PT Rezeki Alam Bali

REZA CO Founder

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